At the Play Fresh Football Camp athletes showcase their skills while learning from former collegiate and professional athletes. The day is full of fun and competition as each participant has the chance to learn the same offensive and defensive skills taught to the pros.

While it is a true football training experience, the Camp also incorporates sustainability considerations and strives to raise awareness about environmental issues. In doing so, we hope to inspire change and create long-term benefits for the broader community.

This year we will be expanding our reach by hosting two camps for kids ages 13-17 in Baltimore, MD and Charlotte, NC.

Cost: $30 per participants**

Ages: 13-17

Staff: Former collegiate and NFL players, Performance/Agility Coaches and High School Coaches

To offset the carbon footprint of the Camp:

  • All materials used and disposed of are reusable, recyclable, or compostable
  • Each athlete receives a reusable BPA-Free water bottle
  • Staff and participant t-shirts are bought from an eco-friendly supplier
  • A tree is planted to offset the day’s carbon footprint
  • Athletes are incentivized to walk, bus, bicycle or carpool to the event

**This year we are working with the app CHIP’N  to encourage all participants to volunteer in their community in exchange for free admission to the camp. Find out more here

To sign-up or find out more details about the 2018 Play Fresh Football Camps click here. 


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