Play Fresh was founded in 2017 out of concern that today’s youth lacked the tools necessary to combat environmental risk factors and their adverse effects on our communities.

Over the last year, Play Fresh has championed environmental education outside of the classroom and into our communities. We incorporate environmentalism, public health, and humanitarianism into each of our programs to help the youth build the leadership skills necessary to become informed advocates for change.


In our first year, we were able to impact the lives of over 200 children.

To all of those who helped make this year possible thank you for your generosity, resources, and time.

We introduced 120 elementary and middle school students to the Play Fresh 3-D program, teaching them about Baltimore's most pressing environmental issues.

Thanks to the 6th Branch, our Fresh Change program enlisted 35 teen athletes to clean-up Ambrose Kennedy Park in East Baltimore’s Johnston Square.

At our Play Fresh Football Camp, we gave 60 athletes the chance to showcase their skills and learn from collegiate and NFL players at Baltimore's first Zero Waste football camp.


Play Fresh 3-D educated students on how to make a difference by teaching:

which items should be recycled, composted or placed in trashed

how poor air quality affects their overall health

the importance of reducing their energy consumption

Fresh Change participants strengthen their leadership skills and the community by:

removing trash and debris from Ambrose Kennedy Park

revitalizing the landscape and increasing green space

learning how the built environment impacts community well-being

To offset the carbon footprint of the Play Fresh Football Camp: 

 All materials used and disposed of were reusable, recyclable, or compostable

Each athlete received a reusable BPA-Free water bottle

Staff and participant t-shirts were bought from an eco-friendly supplier

A tree was planted to offset the day's carbon emissions 

Athletes were incentivized to walk, bus, bicycle or carpool to the event


Play Fresh takes great pride in working with a consortium of community allies to leverage resources and provide each child with a unique, meaningful experience. We are so thankful to our supporters who continue to share their skills and resources, allowing us to make a positive impact in the community!


To our numerous allies, donors, sponsors, volunteers, staff and friends who made this past year possible – THANK YOU. You are our champions and we look forward to your continued support in 2018 and beyond.


In the coming year, Play Fresh will focus on creating a lasting, sustainable impact by expanding the reach and capacity of each program.

Conduct two Play Fresh Summer Football Camps, reaching a total of 200 athletes.

Conduct two Play Fresh Summer Football Camps, reaching a total of 200 athletes. Expand Play Fresh 3-D outreach and increase the ability of students to correctly identify environmental risk factors and sustainable solutions by 90%.

Conduct two Play Fresh Summer Football Camps, reaching a total of 200 athletes. Maintain the involvement of current youth leaders while increasing Fresh Change participation by 80%.